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The first 3 bands for Black Easter Festival 2019

The first 3 bands for Black Easter Festival 2019

We are extremely proud to announce the first artists for our 2019 Black easter Festival!

After thier succeful passage on our first edition of Black Easter in 2015 these Gothfathers of the 'Neue Deutsche Todeskunst', a subgenre of German dark wave music will return to pay homage to one of their biggest fans; our friend and Black Easter initiator Ward de Prins! 
With a great new studio album 'Am Abgrund' out and their classical hits this is a must see!

This Greek project created in 1994 by Spyros Giasafakis and Evi Stergiou was high on Ward's wishlist and so we are glad they could confirm their participation to this special edition of Black Easter! They play Ancient Greek Music with the instruments from this era, mixed with Neoclassic, Gothic and Néofolk influences.

We all know Ward supported his beloved scene in all the ways he possibly could and always had room for local Belgian talent. One of those bands is The Breath Of Life to whom Ward was, besides a loyal supporter, also a personal friend! Like Goethes Erben, The Breath Of Life did also perform on our first Black Easter edition and gladly accepted our invitetion to honour our mutual friend.

More bands will be announced during the following weeks !

Honor to whom honor is due

Honor to whom honor is due

We are very honored that we can use Monica Richards' paintings as a basic background for our website and other promo.
Please note that we had to vectorize the original paintwork for this use. Here you can see a photo of the original work.

Welcome to our Black Easter 2019 website!

Welcome to our Black Easter 2019 website!

In memory of
Ward De Prins
(30.12.1969 - 12.02.2018)


On February 12th 2018 our beloved friend and colleague Ward De Prins, initiator and curator of our Black-Easter Festival and co-founder and one of the main driving forces behind Peek-a-Boo Magazine passed away.

His love for music and especially the more darkish alternative and out of the ordinary music was so intense, he dedicated most, if not all, of his free time to Black Easter and Peek-a-Boo Magazine. He always was ready to give his full support to bands, promoters, editors and writers who shared the same musical passion!

Ward's music preferences were quite eclectic, he loved David Bowie, Einstürzende Neubauten, Virgin Prunes, Goethes Erben, Pink Floyd and Coil, to name a few … he was also very fond of vocal artists, classical music and opera

We know things will never be the same again, but the least we can do, is honor and continue his musical passion and legacy! That‘s why we BodyBeats and Peek-a-Boo Magazine, together with some of Ward‘s closest friends have decided to go ahead with his plans to treat you with another Black Easter Festival in 2019! The date is set, the venue booked and the line-up in full preparation as we speak, so mark the date in your agenda!

20 + 21.04.2019  @ DE CASINO - ST.NIKLAAS - B
Tickets & more info soon on this site!

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Black Easter Festival
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