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Interview with Jo Quail on Peek-a-Boo Magazine! 'I guess Iím a bit difficult to categorize!'

Interview with Jo Quail on Peek-a-Boo Magazine! 'I guess Iím a bit difficult to categorize!'

Our media partners from Peek-a-Boo Magazine / Dark Entries Magazine (Dutch) had an interview with Jo Quail!

Click the link to read the interview!

Attention - Black Easter line-up change!

Attention - Black Easter line-up change!

Due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to reschedule hackedepicciotto to Saturday 20th April instead of Sunday 21st April. 
Of course we went looking for an extra band to fill their place on Sunday 21st and we are happy to say WILDERMAN featuring Elvis Peeters, better known as the head and voice from AROMA DI AMORE / DE LEGENDE, will take the honour and fill in this gap

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Line-up complete! New location Zappa (Antwerp) confirmed!

Line-up complete! New location Zappa (Antwerp) confirmed!

We must admit, we ourselves almost began to worry but today we are very happy to announce the Black Easter line-up is complete!

When Black Easter inspirer (and fellow Peek-a-Boo founder) Ward De Prins unexpectedly passed away on 14 February last year, some of his best friends decided to still make his dream come true. After all, Ward had already started to plan a new edition of Black Easter for 2019! Based on a wish list and a selection of artists who performed on one of the previous editions, we think we have succeeded in putting together a rather impressive and diverse line-up.

From the early start on Saturday 20 April they kick-off strongly with Post-Goth-Rockers YOUR LIFE ON HOLD (B). Up-and-coming Belgian talent who surprised friend and foe with their debut album 'Burning for the Ancient Connection''.

Then THE BREATH OF LIFE, who already played Black Easter before in 2015, will enchant you with a firm dose of Gothic-Rock drenched in the angel-sweet voice of frontwoman Isabelle Dekeyser.

Also EVI VINE (UK) and her following stand ready to take you on their Folk-Tronica trip. A journey interspersed with dreamy sounds and dark atmospheres with which she mesmerized the Black Easter 2016 audience once before.

As a co-headline, none other than artistic centipede and Gothic icon MONICA RICHARDS (US) (Faith & The Muse), together with her musical partner in crime Anthony Jones (US) (Monastic), will take the Zappa stage. Did you know, the Black Easter's poster background of this edition is based on a painting by Monica Richards herself?!

Finally, to finish off this great first night with a true feast, CLAN OF XYMOX (NL / D) has also been added as a headliner! Chief Ronny Moorings and his band members will present you with a mix of new work and, of course, a lot of their classics!

On Sunday 21 April there seems to be no time for a warm-up as this Easter Sunday will immediately begin at a high level with SIEBEN (UK)! The solo project of violin virtuoso and eccentric Matt Howden. Matt Howden worked in the past with almost innumerable artists like Sol Invictus (UK), Tony Wakeford (UK), L'Orchestra Noir (UK), L'Ame Immortelle (AT), Emilie Autumn (USA), Faith & The Muse (USA), The Wand And The Moon (DK ), Larsen (IT), Spiritual Front (IT), Shock Headed Peters (UK), Hekate (DE), Job Karma (PL)... Whilst only armed with one microphone, one violin and a loop pedal, he still manages to create the impression that there is a whole band on stage!

Something JO QAIL (UK), who uses approximately the same arsenal, is very good at too. But instead of a violin, she chose to bring her cello along as her favourite instrument. This pleasant and entertaining appearance also succeeds in mesmerizing her audience with her musical creations. No music genre is out of her league as you will hear!

One of the big surprises of this Black Easter edition is the appearance of no-one less than ALEXANDER HACKE (EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN) and his life companion DANIELLE DE PICCIOTTO (SPACE COWBOYS). Together they travel the world and the seven seas performing and composing beautiful music under the moniker HACKEDEPICCIOTTO. Their compositions are mostly built around cinematic drone sounds with avant-garde influences and elements from world music, Krautrock and so much more.

And of course, there is no better way to end this Black Easter weekend than seeing the German über Goth band GOETHES ERBEN perform! OSWALD HENKE and his entourage were already present at the very first edition back in 2015 and always deliver a great concert! As we are used to from them Henke will not only play some new stuff but will also spoil his fans with a bunch of Goethes Erben classics!

And oh yeah, due to reasons beyond our control and last-minute, we were forced into finding an alternative venue ... It was a hard and long struggle but finally, and completely by surprise, we landed safely back at the wonderful Antwerp venue, Zappa. As loyal Black Easters goers will know this is the venue where the Black Easter story began!

Daemonia Nymphe's Psychostasia reviewed on Peek-a-Boo Magazine

Daemonia Nymphe's Psychostasia reviewed on Peek-a-Boo Magazine

A review of Daemonia Nymphe's Psychostatia album was published by our media partner Peek-a-Boo Magazine!

Evi Vine's EP Black Light White Dark reviewed on Peek-a-Boo Magazine!

Evi Vine's EP Black Light White Dark reviewed on Peek-a-Boo Magazine!

A review of Evi Vine's recent EP Black Light White Dark featuring amongst others Simon Gallop from The Cure, was published by our media partner Peek-a-Boo Magazine!

3 more bands added to the Black Easter 2019 line-up!

3 more bands added to the Black Easter 2019 line-up!

We are extremely proud to announce the next 3 artists for our 2019 Black Easter Festival!

„Hackedepicciotto“ are Alexander Hacke (EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN) and Danielle de Picciotto. Both are legends of their own making: Danielle de Picciotto moved to Berlin in 1987, to become the lead singer of the band „Space Cowboys“, the co-initiator of the Love Parade, a collaborator of the Ocean Club with Gudrun Gut, and Alexander’s partner in crime. Alexander Hacke is a founding member and bass player of Einstürzende Neubauten. The artist couple, romantically married in 2006, has creatively interacted with countless international projects for almost 2 decades now besides regularly releasing their own compositions. Their live shows are, to put it mildly, intense.



Evi Vine (vocals, guitars) together with musicans Steven Hill (gitars, keys), Matt Tye (bass), David GB Smith (drums) and Ben Roberts (cello) plays dark intimate folktronica. With her wonderful and fragile voice (comparable to Beth Gibbons or Heather Nova) she creates dreamy soundscapes or gloomy atmospheres. This UK based band have only released two full albums so far (Jo Quail played cello on her debut) but they already command a loyal fanbase. Heartbreaking tracks, such as ‘My hands are tied’ or ‘Porcelain’, sung in a beautiful and haunting way are only two reasons for that. A third album is being recorded and will be released in 2019. 


Jo Quail is a composer and virtuoso cellist from London. She uses cello and looping techniques to create a very unique universe. By doing so she makes complex and evocative music. Boundaries are crossed by mixing genres from classical, electronica, post-rock or even metal. In November 2018 her fourth album ‘Exsolve’ was released, defined by ‘The Metal Report’ as “a dark symphonic lullaby”. Next to her solo project, she collaborated as a guest artist with Eraldo Bernocchi and FM Einheit on ‘Rosebud’, performed with Cappella Gedanensis (Poland) on choral/orchestral arrangements and supported the American post-rock band Caspian. Jo also made also appearances at many alternative festivals such as Wave-Gothic-Treffen (DE), Latitude (GB) or Dunk!festival (BE). 



More bands will be announced during the following weeks !

The first 3 bands for Black Easter Festival 2019

The first 3 bands for Black Easter Festival 2019

We are extremely proud to announce the first artists for our 2019 Black Easter Festival!

After thier succeful passage at our first edition of Black Easter in 2015 these Gothfathers of the 'Neue Deutsche Todeskunst', a subgenre of German dark wave music will return to pay homage to one of their biggest fans; our friend and Black Easter initiator Ward de Prins! 
With a great new studio album 'Am Abgrund' out and their classical hits this is a must see!

This Greek project created in 1994 by Spyros Giasafakis and Evi Stergiou was high on Ward's wishlist and so we are glad they could confirm their participation in this special edition of Black Easter! They play Ancient Greek Music with instruments from this era, mixed with Neoclassic, Gothic and Néofolk influences.

We all know Ward supported his beloved scene in all the ways he possibly could and always had room for local Belgian talent. One of those bands is The Breath Of Life to whom Ward was, besides a loyal supporter, also a personal friend! Like Goethes Erben, The Breath Of Life did also perform on our first Black Easter edition and gladly accepted our invitetion to honour our mutual friend.

More bands will be announced over the following weeks !

Honour to whom honour is due

Honour to whom honour is due

We are very honoured that we can use Monica Richards' paintings as a basic background for our website and other promo.
Please note that we had to vectorize the original paintwork for this use. Here you can see a photo of the original work.

Welcome to our Black Easter 2019 website!

Welcome to our Black Easter 2019 website!

In memory of
Ward De Prins
(30.12.1969 - 12.02.2018)


On 12th February 2018 our beloved friend and colleague Ward De Prins, initiator and curator of our Black-Easter Festival and co-founder and one of the main driving forces behind Peek-a-Boo Magazine passed away.

His love for music and especially the more darkish alternative and out of the ordinary music was so intense, he dedicated most, if not all, of his free time to Black Easter and Peek-a-Boo Magazine. He always was ready to give his full support to bands, promoters, editors and writers who shared the same musical passion!

Ward's music preferences were quite eclectic, he loved David Bowie, Einstürzende Neubauten, Virgin Prunes, Goethes Erben, Pink Floyd and Coil, to name a few … he was also very fond of vocal artists, classical music and opera

We know things will never be the same again, least we can do, is honour and continue his musical passion and legacy! That‘s why we at BodyBeats and Peek-a-Boo Magazine, together with some of Ward‘s closest friends have decided to go ahead with his plans to treat you to another Black Easter Festival in 2019! The date is set, the venue booked and the line-up in full preparation as we speak, so mark the date in your agenda!

20 + 21.04.2019  @ DE CASINO - ST.NIKLAAS - B
Tickets & more info soon on this site!

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Black Easter Festival
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